What is Reflexology?


 Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is based on the theory that different points and areas on the feet, lower leg, hands, face and ears correspond with different areas of the 

body. Reflexology is an ancient therapy which has been practiced for over 5000 years and we believe that working these points or areas can help aid relaxation, improve mood, release tension, enhance sleep and can generally help improve wellbeing; allowing us to cope better with the stresses that life can  By applying pressure to specific points on the feet (and sometimes the hands), a professionally trained Reflexologist can detect subtle imbalances, release blockages and restore the flow of energy within the body. The theory is that specific points in the feet and hands (called reflexes) are mirrored in the body and that applying pressure to these reflexes can bring about a positive effect in the corresponding organ or system of the body.   Reflexology is also extremely relaxing. It’s a time for you to switch off and let yourself be pampered whilst allowing feelings of stress and anxiety to melt away.  Since reflexology is completely non-invasive it is suitable for everyone including children, pregnant women and the elderly.  

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

 Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. However, reflexology has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of: 

Anxiety and stress related conditions.

Digestive disorders including IBS and constipation.

Headaches and migraine.

Hormonal problems including PMT, menopause symptoms and infertility problems.

Help ease allergies, asthma and sinusitis.

Help ease sleep disorders.

 Increases energy levels, improve circulation and facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body. 

Strengthens the immune system to fight off illness.  

Can help prepare for pregnancy and childbirth.

Hot Stone Reflexology

  The use of hot stones in healing treatments is something that has been around for thousands of years. Their use is based on the principle that heat relaxes your body at its deepest level. So the heat promotes relaxation and allows the therapist to work at a deeper level to support the healing and balancing of your body’s systems. Hot Stone Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and warming treatment using Basalt volcanic stones.  It combines the traditional techniques using the fingers with the use of hot or warm stones to massage the lower legs and feet and stimulate reflex points on the feet. The result is extremely relaxing, deeply rejuvenating and brings a feeling of harmony to the body and mind.  Hot stone reflexology feels like a luxury spa treatment, while also promoting healing in your body.

Benefits of Hot Stone Reflexology

 Indulgent treatment which enhances the benefits of a conventional reflexology treatment, leaving you feeling balanced and  rejuvenated.

  The heat helps to relax the muscles in the feet allowing the therapist to work deeper into the reflex areas. 

Heat penetrates to a much deeper level than finger pressure, and may reach up to 7-8cms into the superficial layer of muscle. This brings about physiological changes as well as improving energy flow.

Improved blood circulation & lymphatic drainage.

Crystal Reflexology

 Crystal Reflexology works in the same way as standard Reflexology but with the integration of healing crystals to enhance the treatment and give greater results.  A very relaxing treatment which involves a beautiful massage of the feet combined with the use of reflexology techniques and crystals which enhances the treatment considerably. Many clients who have found it difficult to relax or switch off, have found that they have a much deeper experience when the crystals are used.  As well as working on the foot reflexes, all the main energy centers (chakras) which are located along the inner side of the foot, are re-balanced. Crystals are also placed on and around the body and areas of imbalance are cleared.  



Reflexology 60 minutes £38

Hot Stone Reflexology 60 minutes £43

Crystal Reflexology 60 minutes £43

Mobile and clinic treatments available.


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